YOUNG DAYS, An American Comedy

From ‘The Europeans’  by Henry James
Two Acts / 4W, 4M  (20s – mid/late 60s)
Public reading 2014 at Cerimon House, Portland, OR
Directed by JoAnn Johnson 

“The facts which loomed so large in the fogs of yesterday,— property, climate, breeding, personal beauty and the like, have strangely changed their proportions.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson; ‘Circles’ ; 1841


From the novel by Henry James.
Two Acts / 4W, 6M  (20s – late 60s)
Invited reading 2013 at Cerimon House, Portland, OR
Directed by Randall Stuart

“Never say you know the last word about any human heart.” ~ Henry James


Co-adapted with Randall Stuart, from Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens.
Two Acts  /  9W, 6M, 2NB   
Premiered 2003 (as ‘TYMON’)  at Mills College, Oakland, CA 
Produced by Gemma Whelan 
Directed & Conceived by Randall Stuart

 “Plunderers of the world, now they have exhausted the land by their devastations.  To theft, slaughter, and plunder they have given the false name of ‘government’.  They have created a desolation and call it peace.”
Tacitus – Roman writer/historian – 98AD

Other Writing

~ I am credited as a contributing writer to the text of  ‘bobrauschenbergamerica’  by playwright, Charles Mee.  

~ An original play, Beneath Between, (Two Acts / 3W, 2M) is still in the oven.