… that both the incredible drive to tell, and the inexhaustible appetite to hear stories, dwells in our DNA. Something palpable is simultaneously activated in the bodies and brains of both the teller and the listener, and it’s no small thing. Surely we are not the only creatures that share this body/brain activation when communicating with others in our species. But look what happens when we combine this with our acute (human) understanding that Death is imminent, long before it actually happens to us. We respond by fighting for our lives creating, giving, and receiving stories. This is ‘the why’ of Theatre, and ‘the why’ of Audience. Story is life itself, and that’s no exaggeration. Tellers and listeners are symbiotic; they must have each other to activate survival. So, onward we go.  Oh, but before we part, give a listen to this. (You won’t be sorry.) 

Krista Tippett (The On Being Project) with guest, Christine Runyan