Kathleen Turco-Lyon
“Turco-Lyon gives an incisive, nuanced portrait of a woman ... Her last moments of self-awareness are largely silent but beautifully wrought.”
"Ms. Turco-Lyon makes no missteps here, treading surely among profane humor, physical comedy and drama.”
~ Pittsburgh Post Gazette
"The empowerment and refinement of the nobility is crystalized by the Countess.... Turco-Lyon is elegant—in bearing and scansion—and sublime with the Countess’ thoughtful and judicious tendering of advice, ..."


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A reading of the early scenes of my new play: ‘BENEATH BETWEEN’

Rebecca Harris (JEN) / Tina Chilip (CLAIRE) / Pamela Dunlap (THE GIRL)

Presented on March 31, 2023 @ LUCID BODY HOUSE ; NYC.